M$ Office Format – Openoffice.org need more detailed warning

I am working on a file, which is UTF-8 format, I was
writing Punjabi Text in it on my Mac with Openoffice Writer.
After completing my work, I save file, which give message “Do
you want to same format or want to shift ‘ODF'” I skip that
and save to default.

when I opened that file back, oh No, my Punjabi Text gone:-(
only ???? was appearing, I got that my work lost, but why?
what happen to openoffice.org? why failed to save Unicode text?

then I tried to open with iWorks ‘Pages’, ya, it give me chance
to find mistake, it said “not supporting Word 6 document’.

so, I saved file with old M$ Word Document 6 format, which
was quite old. Even M$ is not supporting it now:-)

So, OpenOffice.org give warning, but not exactly about what can
happen (as I usually I got that when want to save as .doc format).

Openoffice.org should not only warn once, but should twice that
Format can be lost as Unicode was not support. Actually I am
expecting that with only “DOC format”, it should said that
“M$ Word 6 Doc format”, which can be more useful and make

Nothing can be expected from M$, but Openoffice.org is my,
our, so expecting like that:-)


Punjabi Firefox: Newspaper Caption and Indic communities

Punjabi Firefox Release news is
available in newspaper DNA

it couldn’t be great thing if happened in
Punjab (or Punjabi) newspaper, but it
was newspaper in Maharashtra (PUNE)
Color page news and with Great Heading.
People had question about Hindi (surely it is
should be). Reply was simple “it is community
driven translation, not by Mozilla.”

Real means is it. I never saw Mozilla to
push any community to do translation,
it is ok with various communities, where
languages are with good priority like
European countries, but when talk about Indian
Languages, where English has ‘Great’
priority over local language for ‘high
class’/’first class’ society, someone
don’t forgot that more than those ‘First
class’ people, native speakers for their
respective languages. If those people are
not active in communities or open source,
it should not understand that those
languages are not required or can
skip those.
This time happen with Hindi, which
is not released with Firefox 3. Rajesh
did very hard work to finish it, actually
he completed, but Release process for
Firefox is tough and it is not ‘simple’
to follow. You should follow ‘daily’ routine
to ask question from responsible persons
(in Mozilla l10n, I found Axel (Pike) only
guy for this).
Process need to make simple, (
people are working on it), but it is not
too complex in either sense (to understand
or follow). You can keep track if keep yourself
I found thread on mailing list as following
Hindi why not?.

While agree with Sangeeta about comment,
Axel point is valid too, actually Axel is most
busy person during l10n release. Process as
I told earlier is not bad, but it can be improved
as it is unique process I found during my 6 year
L10N/i18n experience. It is best for get ‘build
for your language’ in every 15 mintnes. it is
fast to test, and very dedicated Test Case and
Test Process. although Translation is not simple
as it is not ‘po’ files for most translators, but
I thought it is ‘USE TO’ factor than ‘Easiness’.

Mozilla explain that ” reaching out to recruit people to work on
localisations for Indian users”, hope to improve situation soon.

Firefox 3 – The Download Day!

it was 18 June in India, and I opened site for firefox, but it was not!
I tried many times, but web-site was down. I thought It was due to
heavy download. within 2 hours, I failed to open a single time:-(

my friend told me that BSNL blocked the site due to heavy traffic.
oh shit, it was too bad. only after lunch time I was able to download it.
till that time I was watching graph from Firefox download world-wide.

It was wonderful to see graph, but India is far behind than even
smaller countries like France, Germany. With passing day, it was
near to 0.1 million, but where China is over it, but Australia, Russia
is over if you compare population with India. Even Brazil has
statics comparable with US/Canada.

Top 10 downloader are:US, Germany, Japan, Spain, UK, France, Iran, Italy, Canada, Poland

Overall, it shows awareness about Open Source and even about uses of
Software (computer) in Region, India, China, has half the world population,
has Low IT density as compared to rest of world. Same with Africa. So
when those region increases Open Source/Free Software uses (like Brazil has),
then it will be different picture on map while we download next Firefox:-)

Blog it first than Bugzilla please…

last day I got mail from Gnome Bugzilla saying that
your bug is duplicate for Another bug, where Issue
seems yet not fix in Rendering in Punjabi
I filed this bug 3 month ago in gnome-system-monitor (Bug: 521930)

and originally Found this bug around one year
back for gnome-power-manager (Bug: 398368)

No-one was paying serious attention to this
as it was appearing more and more application.
It was serious issue, but yet developer not paying

Finally After searching for closing reason, It was found
that Pango and “Big” gnome developer ( Behdad Esfahbod) found that
problem in a blog and so he paid 2 cents to it and
instead for searching problem, directly file a “new”

Finally it moved, but I found blogs are more important
than even file Proper Bug with “great” detail and
“perfect” attachments. Ideally should not, but
it is.
Blog is way to present yourself well and it helps
a great way if you use properly. Now I have
an example.

AMD CodeAnalyst – Open Source -> Intel

Today I have got chance to attend AMD CodeAnalyst.
This is tool used to complete their mission “Code Faster, Faster Code”.
yes, if you first time read this line, you may not understand fully, but
read twice and you will get it.

It is GUI, where it is using Linux oprofiler as Base and in Windows
has other (really I don’t know and get when that Guy told).

Detailed documentation is available at Above Website,
I just like to highlight what I noted from this.

->Priority Changed from Windows Based CodeAnalyst to
Platform independent, while Manager Changed about
3 year back.
-> Project started around 1996-97.
->Windows Version is advance than Linux
(new feature introduce in Windows GUI, backport to
Linux GUI)
-> Qt Toolkit is used as it is more platform independent.
-> Linux GUI – QT -3
-> WIndows GUI – QT -4
-> AMD developers are more Open and want
participate in OSS and also want contribution for their projects.

-> all RHEL5.1 and Fedora’s Binary and Source Package (RPM as
well as .tar.gz) for CodeAanalyst Failed to run (although installed
but not able to Run properly
–Error was like—
program was searching something in /dev/virt/2 and /dev/virt/3,
while RHEL5 kernel only has 0 and 1, so failed during ‘Run’ binary
files. (while working on his machine)
-> Not a Single machine having AMD processor in whole workshop
-> AMD Indian Developer’s idea to make joke of people, who
asked him about Hardware, while he was Software guy. This
point made me unhappy with some “Great Developers” as they
thought people are mad, but those always failed to understand
that “Someone really knows you: AMD is processor!!!” Is this not big thing?
This is attitude, which is common between in Asian people, while
surely you will not found in other.
-> Main Developer was not very sure about Other processors other than
AMD. It is ok if you think from one angle, but I always felt
bad if you only know and test your product only. How can
you improve if you don’t know competitor’s product, specially
when you are trying to make new product for “ALL Platforms”??
(same view about Operating system, how can I know that
something works “better” on Linux, until I knows about some
other OS).

At last, I was not very statisified with Workshop as
Product was not working on RHEL platform and I was
able to use it properly.
I got something, not AMD pen drive and T-Shirt, but
Desire to work with AMD CodeAnalyst and yes, to
use AMD processor in my future buy-list computers.

(now my car has on AMD Turian processor (hanging
in mirror and AMD Pen Drive to Listen music in Car)