Fedora 19 i18n and Translation Test day

Fedora 19 Alpha released and it is best time to test translation and i18n feature, so that bugs can be timely fixed before release.

FLTG  team providing support for Translation Test Day and I18N Test Day by add, review test cases, search features and communicate between various groups.

for Translation Test Day, we add few more gnome applications (like gnome-initial setup) and remove features those are no more available or default in Fedora 19 (like ibus, which is not part of gnome desktop). Translation Test Matrix is improved, while Report Page and Feedback page is created. Anaconda, have major in-complete translation for almost in all language, while gnome-initial-setup, gnome-clock etc application those are new in gnome-3.8 are also have English interface.

Fedora i18n Test Day (May 02, 2013) is upcoming, where tester can get time to review feature for gnome-ibus integration, new shortcuts to Enable/Disable input (check i18n Meeting log for detail).

Major Rendering issue for Indic locales detected (Hindi, Punjabi confirmed and bug already filed) during pre-test activity. Actually this issue already reported for Anaconda (lorax) here, but but with gnu-free-fonts have bugs for Indic locales and set default for Monospace instead of Lohit fonts (as lohit is no monospace), now gnome desktop effecting by this. During i18n Meeting it was found that Either disable gnu-free-fonts for Indic language (those are effected), which is easy way or disable monospace for Indic


Fedora 11 – New phase for Indic Language

Fedora 11 got release last week and it
is best Operating system for Indic language.
When I said best, there are various reasons
for it.

(*) Live CD – One live CD for multiple languages
Download Live CD

Just download a single Live CD, boot your
system with it and Please don’t forgot to
Press “Languages” Tab at Login screen.
Yes, you can get various Language including
Indic. Nepali, Maithili, Urdu are new language
available for Fedora 11. All other
languages, like Assamese, Bengali,
Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi,
Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Sinhala
are already there.

No need to make and distribute separate
Live CD for each language, just select any
language and you can get everything ready
with that.
I tested my language Punjabi, while
selecting, Interface, Input Method are
working like pre-installed Punjabi OS.

For more information regading Fedora,
please check
Fedora 11

(*) Ibus – New Input Method with new feature:
Till fedora 11, default input method (to type
language), was SCIM, which was advanced with
various features, but logout-login again with
every change was really bad, but no worries,
now Fedora 11 has Ibus, with which you can
just change anything on fly (like Add new keymap,
language, or anything for your language) and just
start type. Yes, it is working
at the most you need to ‘restart’ you
ibus only and it works (really!). Any
change for language you and just use it.
It is quite good feature.
Interface of Ibus setting is quite simple and

(*) Multimedia –
Fedora 11 is ready with all multimedia
feature, just install RPM Fusion package and
you don’t need anything more after to add to
run mp3, wma or video files.

(*) If you are found of KDE Desktop, Fedora also
provide KDE Live CD
Live CD

Nazi Reply got…

my ssh key is updated. I replied back
to gnome admin regarding
key replacement time (which we can think to improve)
but Nazi reply back to me like:

“We’re all just volunteers here, and we’re doing as best as we can and
try to be as helpful as we can. Even for users who did not bother to
back up their own sensitive data.”

* If they are volunteer, then “What AM I?”

* ya, I lost my key, my mistake, but Is it not Very Harsh and hard reply
even I was trying to help them to improve if possible.

It was not VERY unexpected as I know something about NEW Nazi group:-)

openSUSE to Fedora 10….

various time, I tried fedora and opensuse,
most of time I found opensuse installation quite
easy, but with Fedora 10, it changed (I felt)
Fedora 10 asked too less questions and work
more quickly. and for desktop, everything
worked well without any configuration,
even sound (which was not working in
openSUSE 11.1). Overall Fedora seems
faster to start, but shutdown is slower.
Finally working on Gnome, instead of
KDE. It seems faster and easy to use.
Hibernate has same issue (Keyboard
not working) in Fedora. I search for some bug, but
get no proper reponse about it.

Wrong bug for issue: Fedora Bug
Doubtd bug: Fedora bug 479504
New bug filed: Bug 490247 Keyboard Not working

Project Resposne Time: ssh key replacement…

I lost my SSH key with hard disk failure.
now it is time to replace with various Projects.
I have following list and track time to replace key

Project ……… Report …….1st Response………Replaced
Gnome ……… 11Mar ……..yet not …………NO
Fedora*…….. 11Mar ……11Mar……… Fixed (same day)
KDE …………..11Mar……11Mar……… Fixed ( hours)
Mozilla………. 11Mar………Yet Not ……… No

* Fedora has account page, where most easy to replace key (as a
translator, it is not useful to replace key)

so, KDE is quick (super fast) to update and response.

FYI: how to update ssh key in various Projects:

Gnome: send mail to accounts@gnome.org address with key, username. (last replacement took 5 days.)

KDE: New Bugzilla Page: KDE sysadmin request as Bug

Fedora: Login to Fedora Account page and
Edit detail->Upload new key.

Mozilla: File a bug to replace key like: Bug 378597 (took almost 1 month)

Update later when it all projects updated.

First Gnome GIT Commit IN…

gnome moved to GIT ahead of KDE:-)
it was confusion how to commit as a Translator as Damned lies are changed and
everybody can make account on it and submit translation there. But how
to commit.
I have did small search and send first updated file via GIT-svn.
alam@linux-1f05:~/ git clone git://git-mirror.gnome.org/git/gnome-desktop
alam@linux-1f05:~/ git svn init -s svn+ssh://@svn.gnome.org/svn/gnome-desktop –prefix=origin/svn/
alam@linux-1f05:~/git svn rebase
alam@linux-1f05:~/l10n/gnome/GIT/gnome-desktop/po> git commit -a -m “2nd attempt to commit translation for pa.po”
Created commit 8ba8cb7: 2nd attempt to commit translation for pa.po
1 files changed, 189 insertions(+), 153 deletions(-)
alam@linux-1f05:~/l10n/gnome/GIT/gnome-desktop> git svn dcommit
Committing to svn+ssh://@svn.gnome.org/svn/gnome-desktop/trunk …
M po/pa.po
Committed r5344
M po/pa.po
r5344 = 99872f975ea4227625f8ba2d1df58e5e78e8534f (origin/svn/trunk)
No changes between current HEAD and refs/remotes/origin/svn/trunk
Resetting to the latest refs/remotes/origin/svn/trunk
it is reflected and Damned lies. It was 2nd try and commit…

few things:
1) Download size is quite big (gnome-panel-~40MB) (-)
2) number of commands increase (5 instead of 2) (-)

Link used as Reference to make this happen.

evening to make error free translation…

waiting from last few weeks to update few translated files, those have errors and I know that:-)

gnome-power-manager – > last time I did a lot of translation for this and 2 translation Errors were there, I got those, but was in hurry so committed as it is. Finally It is over, but need to find fine editor on Mac. Poedit, LocFactory Editor not work as I was not expert with those, finally KDE4 installatin helped me and lokalize Make it possible.

kde4 – plasma’s translation was really un-understandable, and just today I got on my newly laptop, that line is first to see:-(
that line hit me and I started work to remove Error.

so, finally committed changes and gnome/kde desktop for Punjabi is more good than before.