Transifex Update – New changes…

Just got mail from fedora Translation project about
transifex update and tried to update few files. It
changed quite lot and those are very helpful.
*) With Single Language Page, I can can download
file for my language (that is not big thing), and
Update from single page (That is Really big thing)

This is very helpful as for old method I have to
got different page to upload page.

What issue I felt is that after Upload Page moved
to “Module” page from Same page. I would like
stay on Language Page, so that download and upload
more file for different module.
Anyway this is big thing and hope to get this working
on gnome project soon…


Nazi Reply got…

my ssh key is updated. I replied back
to gnome admin regarding
key replacement time (which we can think to improve)
but Nazi reply back to me like:

“We’re all just volunteers here, and we’re doing as best as we can and
try to be as helpful as we can. Even for users who did not bother to
back up their own sensitive data.”

* If they are volunteer, then “What AM I?”

* ya, I lost my key, my mistake, but Is it not Very Harsh and hard reply
even I was trying to help them to improve if possible.

It was not VERY unexpected as I know something about NEW Nazi group:-)

openSUSE to Fedora 10….

various time, I tried fedora and opensuse,
most of time I found opensuse installation quite
easy, but with Fedora 10, it changed (I felt)
Fedora 10 asked too less questions and work
more quickly. and for desktop, everything
worked well without any configuration,
even sound (which was not working in
openSUSE 11.1). Overall Fedora seems
faster to start, but shutdown is slower.
Finally working on Gnome, instead of
KDE. It seems faster and easy to use.
Hibernate has same issue (Keyboard
not working) in Fedora. I search for some bug, but
get no proper reponse about it.

Wrong bug for issue: Fedora Bug
Doubtd bug: Fedora bug 479504
New bug filed: Bug 490247 Keyboard Not working

Project Resposne Time: ssh key replacement…

I lost my SSH key with hard disk failure.
now it is time to replace with various Projects.
I have following list and track time to replace key

Project ……… Report …….1st Response………Replaced
Gnome ……… 11Mar ……..yet not …………NO
Fedora*…….. 11Mar ……11Mar……… Fixed (same day)
KDE …………..11Mar……11Mar……… Fixed ( hours)
Mozilla………. 11Mar………Yet Not ……… No

* Fedora has account page, where most easy to replace key (as a
translator, it is not useful to replace key)

so, KDE is quick (super fast) to update and response.

FYI: how to update ssh key in various Projects:

Gnome: send mail to address with key, username. (last replacement took 5 days.)

KDE: New Bugzilla Page: KDE sysadmin request as Bug

Fedora: Login to Fedora Account page and
Edit detail->Upload new key.

Mozilla: File a bug to replace key like: Bug 378597 (took almost 1 month)

Update later when it all projects updated.

GCompris Translation – Bad foot-prints

I got mail from gnome mailing list regarding
“[Announce Release 8.4.9]”. It included Punjabi
Translation, just would like to search what it is
actually. As it is part of gnome, so expecting
translation to check. It was transliteration only,
second file failed to pass ‘msgfmt’ check. Translation
was really bad and I hope to work with developer
to use proper svn translation from gnome.
But Again CDAC is moving its hard-core
‘Govt’ way. It is not just bad, but worse foot-print,
which their followers are following again and again…

find and merge heads in hg…

just forgot to run ‘hg pull’ command, so when I
committed strings and try to push, it showed eror:
hg push
/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/mercurial/ DeprecationWarning: os.popen3 is deprecated. Use the subprocess module.
self.pipeo, self.pipei, self.pipee = os.popen3(cmd, ‘b’)
pushing to ssh://
searching for changes
abort: push creates new remote heads!
(did you forget to merge? use push -f to force)
then try with ‘hg push -f’ but not get working
hg/pa-IN> hg push -f
/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/mercurial/ DeprecationWarning: os.popen3 is deprecated. Use the subprocess module.
self.pipeo, self.pipei, self.pipee = os.popen3(cmd, ‘b’)
pushing to ssh://
[searching for changes
adding changesets
remote: adding manifests
remote: adding file changes
remote: added 1 changesets with 13 changes to 13 files (+1 heads)
remote: Two heads detected on branch ‘default’
remote: Only one head per branch is allowed!
remote: transaction abort!
remote: rollback completed
remote: abort: pretxnchangegroup.a_singlehead hook failed
abort: unexpected response: empty string

finally try ‘hg pull’, then some hints were there:
hg pull
pulling from
searching for changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 1 changesets with 1 changes to 1 files (+1 heads)
(run ‘hg heads’ to see heads, ‘hg merge’ to merge)
so, get ‘hg heads’, it has 3 heads, the
hg merge with ‘hg merge 73a86cfb7a92’

and it is fixed and committed to last changes (local 2 central repo)

some other command, I tried:
hg tip, hg heads

More help from Here