Blog it first than Bugzilla please…

last day I got mail from Gnome Bugzilla saying that
your bug is duplicate for Another bug, where Issue
seems yet not fix in Rendering in Punjabi
I filed this bug 3 month ago in gnome-system-monitor (Bug: 521930)

and originally Found this bug around one year
back for gnome-power-manager (Bug: 398368)

No-one was paying serious attention to this
as it was appearing more and more application.
It was serious issue, but yet developer not paying

Finally After searching for closing reason, It was found
that Pango and “Big” gnome developer ( Behdad Esfahbod) found that
problem in a blog and so he paid 2 cents to it and
instead for searching problem, directly file a “new”

Finally it moved, but I found blogs are more important
than even file Proper Bug with “great” detail and
“perfect” attachments. Ideally should not, but
it is.
Blog is way to present yourself well and it helps
a great way if you use properly. Now I have
an example.


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