M$ Office Format – Openoffice.org need more detailed warning

I am working on a file, which is UTF-8 format, I was
writing Punjabi Text in it on my Mac with Openoffice Writer.
After completing my work, I save file, which give message “Do
you want to same format or want to shift ‘ODF'” I skip that
and save to default.

when I opened that file back, oh No, my Punjabi Text gone:-(
only ???? was appearing, I got that my work lost, but why?
what happen to openoffice.org? why failed to save Unicode text?

then I tried to open with iWorks ‘Pages’, ya, it give me chance
to find mistake, it said “not supporting Word 6 document’.

so, I saved file with old M$ Word Document 6 format, which
was quite old. Even M$ is not supporting it now:-)

So, OpenOffice.org give warning, but not exactly about what can
happen (as I usually I got that when want to save as .doc format).

Openoffice.org should not only warn once, but should twice that
Format can be lost as Unicode was not support. Actually I am
expecting that with only “DOC format”, it should said that
“M$ Word 6 Doc format”, which can be more useful and make

Nothing can be expected from M$, but Openoffice.org is my,
our, so expecting like that:-)


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