Firefox 3 – The Download Day!

it was 18 June in India, and I opened site for firefox, but it was not!
I tried many times, but web-site was down. I thought It was due to
heavy download. within 2 hours, I failed to open a single time:-(

my friend told me that BSNL blocked the site due to heavy traffic.
oh shit, it was too bad. only after lunch time I was able to download it.
till that time I was watching graph from Firefox download world-wide.

It was wonderful to see graph, but India is far behind than even
smaller countries like France, Germany. With passing day, it was
near to 0.1 million, but where China is over it, but Australia, Russia
is over if you compare population with India. Even Brazil has
statics comparable with US/Canada.

Top 10 downloader are:US, Germany, Japan, Spain, UK, France, Iran, Italy, Canada, Poland

Overall, it shows awareness about Open Source and even about uses of
Software (computer) in Region, India, China, has half the world population,
has Low IT density as compared to rest of world. Same with Africa. So
when those region increases Open Source/Free Software uses (like Brazil has),
then it will be different picture on map while we download next Firefox:-)


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