Fedora Rawhide installation with Basic Video driver…

Installation on AMD Chipset 785 Failed (Fedora Bug)
with Default GUI, so Tried with Basic Video driver
(during Boot option), GUI installation started, even it
was not good, but working,

after installation, it was not showing proper
resolution on my Monitor, display was not good.
/etc/X11/xorg.conf file was showing ‘vesa‘ display
driver, if you need to get proper working xserver,
then need to remove that file and just reboot,
it will be automatic detected and work fine.


update/upgrade Available

at home, there are lot of updates pending…

Mac Snow leopard on Mac Book – from Leopard – DVD arrived Today
Windows 7 Home prem. – From Dell Vista HomePre – Waiting for Upgrade DVD
Windows 7 Ultimate – 32-Bit version
Mainboard BIOS Update – 2 pending available
N97 ‘s Firmware – current 12v – waiting for 20v (hope to available, out in Europe)
Fedora 12 – Release Next Month
OpenSUSE 11.2 – 15 Day’s release

install compare-locales (from Mozilla l10n tools)

To install compare-locales on Fedora Machine,
‘easy_install‘ need to install, which is NOT
part of python-setuptools, for which I tried
many times to find and install, but it IS
part of python-setuptools-devel (mostly
devel packages don’t have command useful
for user).

$yum install python-setuptools-devel

$easy_install compare-locales

so, now you can use this on Fedora to
compare your locale with english strings
How to use, please check Mozilla Website and Blogs

Fedora Repo – How Repodata/boot.iso updated without package update…

I burnt boot.iso yesterday and started today’s
testing with that only (as Mailing list was showing
NO package update on rawhide mail )

After finishing installation I by mistake run
rsync script to sync with server, and wondered
to see updated Boot.iso and ‘repodata’ folder,
Not very sure about this, not know what is updated in

So Finally I have to start my testing back.

Please help to find working site…

During various visits, I opened CDAC
site http://www.ildc.in/Punjabi/pdownload.html

When Clicked on
for Linux – ਕਲਿੱਕ

it is not working (broken link) from my Linux Machine.
Wonder if it will work from Linux Machine as Site
Admin is not accepting that Above Link is not working.

Please check if you can open the link
there is actually problem with “/” and “\”

Yahoo IM 10 beta and Punjabi Input, still Not…

Yahoo released messenger 10 Beta for Testing. You can

download it from here. But it is not yet fixed for Input Punjabi

language from keyboard, but only with v irtual typing window

attaching screenshot how its looks like (just like previous stable


Input  in typing Box – FAILED, only square box

Text Rendering in Messages – PASSED, Rendered properly




Red Color Underline Text is Punjabi with typing Box and Message window.

It is hard to believe that after so many years yahoo yet has not do single update for this.