Attention Pls!!!! Nokia Puts Hand in Trolltech

Complete Announcement

Nokia /QT call it is agreement, but I can’t understand
what actually those words want to express.

I got N810 few days back and it is Best Product from
Nokia for me. It is linux based o maemo Linux Distribution,
which has GTK base. Then what the Nokia is going to do with
QT at all???
2 things can be
First, may be want to port to Tablet PC (like n810)
or may want to replace S60 from Nokia Phones
(if nokia do, that will be biggest change in Dirty

anyway still we have time to wait and watch,
which way Nokia going to drill Open SOurce…


Mozilla (firefox) Translation – A bad dream for Translator

Yes, it is.

Files have following format
which is plain text files, which can be
supported by MOZTRANSLATOR
(which is not working for Punjabi anyway)

There are many web/statics pages:

you need to run yourself compare script
(now with above tool, it is somehow easy, but
yet it is painful).

if you know CVS, then also it is hard to
find latest check-in English Strings.
you need to track on IRC channel
(which also have Bad experience),
Mailing list, and wiki as you can’t
expect when they ask translator to check
within 12 hours/24 hours to fix something
otherwise they are not going to release.

Baddest and saddest Thing:
Ok, Merging and Translation for New Strings are not a big issue. as a Translator I
can Manage and it is easy to get your built (Test Release or Nightly Build).
But biggest worry is about Updating English Strings. If something Change
English Sentense, but not update it name like:

Then what Happed??????

Nothing, Nothing at All. Translator Can’t find error in build or in status page. Even
Nightly/Released Package build successfully. You can understand that your
wording is improper to Current English context. From last 3 years, just know
I got this (during Firefox 3 transltion). Still I found no solution, unless you
completely re-translate for your Language (not review)

Ignorence of Punjabi Language by Open Source People also…

it is not big story if a $$ based company ignore
my language. I never worry about it. If
somebody abuse me, I worry a little and if somebody
put my language down, I hurt deeply, still there
are some exceptions like Business companies.
But as I member of Open Source (softwares and
all), I never expected this Ignorance. But it
happened time to time, Punjabi as special case.
When we started Punjabi translation for Open
Source softwares, we did 100% Gnome translation,
but some people tried to put us down by not
providing we translation (I don’t have any
cvs account). But it was luck that we
got 7 more days in Final gnome release (it
was ONLY time in gnome release till date when
it got delayed). IT WAS DONE!!!!
Some other time, some INTEL people comment
on Punjabi. “Why you added Punjabi support
to Red Hat, when it is not required”.
of Shit you ….
it never like to talk to anybody about INTEL
anymore. Really it was baddest comment made
by a INTEL lady, when I was standing before her:-(

This time KDE 4, I translated announcement for
KDE 4, which was sent to me by Indian KDE
coordinator (some benagli Gay, Pradeepto)
If I want I can sent that directly to person
who was actually coordinator, but I respected
But that Guy not just ignore Punjabi Language
in his interview, but make false comment about
it. __LINK___

True Face of KDE Translation:
KDE 4 Supported (only 3 Indic Language):
Tamil – 47%
Punjabi – 42%
Hindi – 37%

Punjabi is most Active Language in KDE from
India, we update translation daily and
all releases.
Language he mentioned has less than 10%
or zero translation including
Benglai (India) (5 < ), Gurjarati (0)
Malayalam (0), Marathi (5 < )

Just to make your impression, make
false press report is not good idea, when
you are trying to work for Open Source
Project. What Hell r u doing here if
not respect people working on “Free”.

Anyway it 2008 ‘s first report for Punjabi
hope for best for next…
Here is Punjabi Translation of Annoncement

Fedora KDE Translation Package – still wait to release

After install the Fedora with KDE4, I was hoping that
I will see Punjabi Interface, but what is this?
only English, I tried to search with ‘yum’, ‘yumex’,
‘pirut’ by giving ‘l10n’ or ‘i18n’, but no result.

I search on Fedora wiki, oh yes, I got it, they are
under progress. Yes, still not ready to release
even after release of KDE4 officially. Even I
have not seen any package maintainer for KDE.

from meeting log 8Jan2008,
this week it should be available, but even on 15Jan, it has non,
but today is meeting day for KDE SIG Team.
So I would like to participate with them on meeting channel
(yes I m back with fedora for special packages)

let me ping people on Freenode’s #fedora-kde
channel and get what is update. Hope that
we can see Language package for KDE4 soon
our Desktop soon

Fedora Installation – Wait, Wait and Still waiting

start with Fedora Installation after a long time,
it was first time, I used to add fedora repo (Additional),
even repo was local, then also I tried to get from external
Repo, which take a long time to get, even after 1/2 hour
when I used Alt+F2, then only I know that it was trying to
get repo data from unreachable site (and 3/10 try).
So I quit this, Restart Installation and skip that
“Waiting or Additional” repo. this time after
pressing Next, (after selecting repo), it take
around 10 min to start.
Time to start installation is really more as compared
to configuration with anaconda

Windows, Internet and Virus – Wishing you all the Best

My Friend ,from Australia, is working there
from last 1 year and continue study. He has laptop
with Windows XP Home Edition. He removed Original
copy and install illegal XP Prof.
Now he system hacked yesterday and he called to
help. He removed C Partition and tried to Fresh install
but still he has problem.
“What did u do with it?”
“don’t know, I was talking with my friend and
he send me file like mp3, I got it and suddenly
my mouse becomes out of control”
I understood he was became Victim of Attack and
his machine become Base for Target, it is just
finished his call, I back to seat and checked that
I got a file from him.
“Thank God it was Linux” so I have no problem, but
he was.
FInally we got only solution to fix this virus is
that he has to remove Whole partition from Hard disk
and make new partitions.
his USB drive was also effected with Virus. Finally
he did fresh installation and then try to connect
net. yes, He was online, but it sucks his Whole working
Day (where he can earn upto $250 ASD). Yes, it was
Windows and internet. I can only Say “Best Wishes to you”