Punjabi Firefox: Newspaper Caption and Indic communities

Punjabi Firefox Release news is
available in newspaper DNA

it couldn’t be great thing if happened in
Punjab (or Punjabi) newspaper, but it
was newspaper in Maharashtra (PUNE)
Color page news and with Great Heading.
People had question about Hindi (surely it is
should be). Reply was simple “it is community
driven translation, not by Mozilla.”

Real means is it. I never saw Mozilla to
push any community to do translation,
it is ok with various communities, where
languages are with good priority like
European countries, but when talk about Indian
Languages, where English has ‘Great’
priority over local language for ‘high
class’/’first class’ society, someone
don’t forgot that more than those ‘First
class’ people, native speakers for their
respective languages. If those people are
not active in communities or open source,
it should not understand that those
languages are not required or can
skip those.
This time happen with Hindi, which
is not released with Firefox 3. Rajesh
did very hard work to finish it, actually
he completed, but Release process for
Firefox is tough and it is not ‘simple’
to follow. You should follow ‘daily’ routine
to ask question from responsible persons
(in Mozilla l10n, I found Axel (Pike) only
guy for this).
Process need to make simple, (
people are working on it), but it is not
too complex in either sense (to understand
or follow). You can keep track if keep yourself
I found thread on mailing list as following
Hindi why not?.

While agree with Sangeeta about comment,
Axel point is valid too, actually Axel is most
busy person during l10n release. Process as
I told earlier is not bad, but it can be improved
as it is unique process I found during my 6 year
L10N/i18n experience. It is best for get ‘build
for your language’ in every 15 mintnes. it is
fast to test, and very dedicated Test Case and
Test Process. although Translation is not simple
as it is not ‘po’ files for most translators, but
I thought it is ‘USE TO’ factor than ‘Easiness’.

Mozilla explain that ” reaching out to recruit people to work on
localisations for Indian users”, hope to improve situation soon.


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