Punjabi Layout Fixed and Update Indic Layouts

while filed a bug for Punjabi Language in FreeDesktop (XKB),

I found various layouts still using 0x00, while is some how complex to
understand by new person (I remembered my College Days, while we
started Punlinux project and only understood Unicode (U0A07 etc)).

So I requested Maintainer to Change those 0X00 -> U,
he asked me to if I can. I started work on this and
fixed in 2 hours, but error take 2 days to fix. now
it is fixed and committed.

Maintainer Wants to fix some Characters, which has
no-sense in Language like:

Gujarati Keymap has following:
guj_rra, guj_nnna, guj_llla

Searched in Unicode Chart, but make no-sense,
So tried by typing with that layout. It was
showing same character as without Shift (those
were SHIFT characters).
so replaced with Unicode.

Other than this, basic work done as
0x000935 – > U0935,
0x00950 -> U950

Still Some Languages (Including Tamil) has
some layout in ASCII, which I skipped to update due to
Error in file.
following is list for those layout:

* India – Tamil TSCII Typewriter
* India – Tamil TAB Typewriter

files still contains:
0x10000b7, 0x10000a4 ] }; // aytham

I tried my best to skip any mistake or alter the
layout, but it is, that will be great difficutly for
me or maintainer. That’s what I understood from
Maintainer (SUV) ‘s last reply on bug, which
is saying like
“Great! Committed! Thanks for your help. I hope noone gets angry because of your
changes to existing in variants;)”

let us see what community or people say on this (surely
until someone open this file and modify, till then
nobody will reply)


N810 – OS update ‘cleans’ Everything

Yesterday I got update for N810 and tried to update.
for backup, I tried to use tool (expecting around 50MB),
but failed many times, so Finally I skip and update directly.

Bookmarks, Chat account, Mail Account, Saved User on Website,
Song, Other Setting lost as usual.

Keyboard with XKB for Punjabi

for Punjabi, we have 2 major layouts:
Inscript (Govt of India) – Not able to update
Jhulem (Refined Inscript) – Created by Sukhjinder Sidhu and maintained by POST

we have already fixed in SCIM/IIIMF, but skip XKB and I have
not care too much about this. But with talking on this
topic, I found I did a mistake to ignore it as
we actually don’t need SCIM or other High GUI
input method. Any Reason to USE if we can
input with just XKB? surely I don’t have.
for CJK may be, but for Indic, no.

So I start working to fix this. Porting
Jhelum to XKB and updating Inscript
Bug at XKB with Freedesktop:

still it is somehow hard to fix than SCIM, but
it is more useful because it is by Default with
each distribution. Hard means: you need a
character for your language that is IT, other
thing is same

hoping that coming Hand held device can
continue with New Punjabi layouts
(my N810 should;-) )

Indic Mash up

Today was Sunday and we have Indic Mashup (http://www.indlinux.org/wiki/index.php/IndicMashup1)
I joined it from two reason:
1. Jaswinder was not here. So I think to join to as Punjabi community member.
2. I am going to get comp-off for this day. This allow me to surely Join this.

finally We started almost 30 minutes late, but we have lot of things to
discuss, while start with keyboard layouts, Unicode, fonts and
finally sorting order for various language.

New Punjabi Team Member Pirthi was with me. It was new experience for him.
Surely he had not enjoyed this too much, but it will help him to make
further progress in Community.

I got few things fixed for working:
1) Keyboard layout (for XKB)
2) New Unicode 5.1.0 – New Punjabi additions
3) font issue

Overall this was great Experience for me and learning lamha for me.
(although comp-off was most important for me than this)

opensuse: KDE – Structure got changed

opensuse recently changed the KDE REPO Structure:

Please check Latest REPO (for 10.3) and update

KDE3.x.x – Backport

For Detail, please check:

Now I got most KDE application working only kmail (KDE4) has
problem, which was got installed, but not updated. Still
waiting for further Update

N810 – GPS and Google maps

pune – map with N810
After a month with N810, I was not able to use
GPS, if start from Map Mapper if always failed, if use
from Control Panel, then it failed to start, only
show signal. Final I use google to search for any solution.
Yes, there is Cold and Hot boot. I tried with with
South Direction and it detected the Signal in just 10
mintues. Now it was time to test with Map Mapper.
to easy boot, I use GPS-Saver.
with this, Map Mapper works fine. Put in may Car
and within 2-5 mins, it got signal. Now
Default Maps are not good for India. So,
I switched to Google Maps. Cool, it has enough
detail to show Cars on Road (yes you need
Internet connection). Once you get map, GPS
works very well, you can get all road, you
can get Satellite map also.
During last 2 days visit, I created whole visits
maps. Just Start N810, Start GPS-saver and Map-mapper,
put on car’s Dashboard and start journey. within few mintues,
your GPS start working and you can get Red Line moving
on Map, while Blue Dot showing your current location.
you can get detail about Satellite with
Menu->GPS->GPS Summary. It shows you how many
satellite tracked by GPS. (In Pune I got max 8 out of
available 12). if you need more detail, then goto
Menu-GPS->GPS Details, it shows beautiful positions
of Satellites with 3 Circles. Blue Satellite provide
Position to your GPS.
Finally with help of Google maps (and Internet connecction),
I liked the N810 GPS Test Solution. It is really nice, Cool.

Punjabi Community, Google and Ease to use

We have joined some new friends in Punjabi
As a Team member, I am changing process in team,
so we have more focus on on Google now, so I asked them
to join Google Group than Mailing list, which
is quite easy to Join (as both has Gmail Address)
and it is easy to configure the choice to get
mail or not
Punjabi Users (anything released to Punjabi):
Punjabi Translation (Punjabi Translation on Software, books etc):
Punjabi Bug list (Only bugs)

Now google groups has great features as
easy to join, configure (whether you want to
get mail or not) and read old mails from people.

now those new people can help us to know how easy to
work with team on google.