MS Office 2010 – Punjabi Unicode input Problem!!

While issue (Punjabi Rendering) was reported to Microsoft long ago, and I

was hoping that it will be fixed with office 2010 release,

but it is not FIXED.  This is big problem for Punjabi Unicode

users. So characters there is no way to input as Windows’s

default keyboard layout has No such characters at all.

to input those Unicode characters, you have to use

Start->All Programs->Accessories->System-Tools-> Character Map

problem seems small as few people use Unicode for Punjabi,

but it is going to effect data more!


Punjabi Rendering Broken in Google Chrome Address Bar…

Probably this is 2nd bug for Punjabi, Rendering for Punjabi

is broken for Punjabi, when you try to input Unicode Punjabi

Characters in google chrome‘s Address bar, while drop-down

list, while input in address bar, is showing proper characters, only

address bar has problem .Copy and Paste has same problem.

Issue 45908 filed to Chrome.


Hindi is working fine.

Yes, I was searching for ‘Microsoft’ Name in Punjabi.

I used Gurmukhi instead of Punjabi, but not sure

if developer or Bug squad of Chrome can understand that or not.

let us watch:-)