Minor Multimedia fix for Fedora

after installing various package for multimedia,
totem still failed for run WMA file.
it was fixed with following package:

Now totem was playing media, but there
is no voice, even volume control has full volume.
After search on google, installing ‘alsa-utils’ package
helped to fix issue with following command:


Now Voice and WMA files working fine on Fedora 11


Get Fedora 11 Update…

Today after Fresh install rawhide, there was
problem while updating package. Speed was
too slow to update, While ‘fedora-rawhide.repo’
REPO was pointing to US server (which ideally fast)
after few time, I noticed that it is using
‘fedora.repo’ and ‘fedora-updates.repo’ REPO also,
which is not directly link to rawhide. During
investigation, I found following thing:

1) fedora-rawhide.repo – Rawhide packages
2) fedora.repo – Also contains link to Rawhide packages, which is not under
‘../release/11’, but ‘…/development/{ARCH}/os/’
3) fedora-update.repo – Contains Updated packages for Fedora 11,
which were newer than Rawhide release packages

kdebase and other kde packages provide this

rawhide -> kde-4.2.2*
fedora.repo – Just using rawhide repo
fedora-update.repo – > kde-4.2.3 (which is newer than rawhide)

So, If you want to use latest package, specially in India, where
local mirror is too slow, then just replace it with
some US rawhide ‘baseurl’ and it will work fast and you
will have latest package from ‘Fedora 11 Update’

Nvidia Driver for Fedora on Dell xps

as per last post, On Dell Studio XPS 13
kmod-nvidia was making small problem
to hibernate and other issue,
searching for solution. Need to

download latest Nvidia Driver

I installed “NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-180.51-pkg2.run”
packages and it helped to fix me the problem.
it need to install without running X server.
Alt +F1 (or F2/F3) is not only working.
‘init 3’ also not working. need to remove
/tmp/.Xorg* files and then only driver started.
It required kernel libraries and then
complete automatically for it.

‘init 5’ command started new interface
and it looks good than ‘kmod-nvidia’
driver somehow. Following problem fixed

1) Hibernate working fine

2) Sensor for GPU is working fine
(4th with Red strip is Nvidia – 62C is too much)
3) Display seems Good to eye then pervious

4) System->Preference-> ‘Nvidia X Server Setting’
(it has various setting for X Server)

Dell XPS 13 and Fedora

Day before yesterday I got one Dell studio XPS 13
intel core 2 duo
2.4. 3M L2, FSB 1066Mhz, NVIDIA® Hybrid SLI graphics,
1067MHz DDR3, Slot Load 8X max DVD+/-RW, Backlit Keyboard.

While Feodra 10 is latest release, I want rawhide 64-bit (29April2009 build) to use.
Installation was quick (remove various packages) and smooth. After
*) graphics was working only 1280×768 (machine has 1280×800).
(fixed with help of Fedora Solved site)
Machine has 2 Graphics care (detected also), but working only
GeForce 9400M G, (while
256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 9500M-GE is not used)

*) Sound was working without any issue.

*) First warning after login, I got following error “Harddisk is failing…”

(Default installation provide ‘gnome-disk-utility’, which notify this error)

It was (and is) showing that airflow-temperature was more then ‘worse’.
I was not able to do anything for this:-(

*) Webcam is working with cheese

*) Hibernate Failed to get X server (with kmod-nvidia driver) and
need to reboot
Note: Nivida Proprietary driver (NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-180.51-pkg2.run) help to work hibernate (check later post).

*) Battery status (with gnome-power-manger) is not working. It was not showing Battery discharge/charge status or Plug or un-plug A/C adopter.
Fixed: After first time complete discharge, now it is working fine. and showing
status correctly

Overall it was working fine with Linux. Graphics fix is easy, Hibernate (use nvidia ‘s driver),
Battery status notification (fixed) are Major issue with (kmod-nvidia) driver.

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