Punjabi Translation with various Online translation Projects

Different project means – Only for which I
am working for Punjabi Translation,
where Internet means – Project which having
online translation.
So I have 3 major projects for translation
(Those are neither open source nor Free)

First one is Google Translation, which
include various software Blogger, gmail,
Google Search. I did a lot of translation for
this project, but at last I have to stop as
various people actually try to make
English script for Translation like
“Search” is put as “Khoj” not “ਖੋਜ”, which
ultimately make no sense. If wrote a
mail to Google about this no reply about it
and even no action to stop. Even today
you can get Search page with English Script in Punjabi.
Other than this, if I submitted a
translation, nobody know when I get
it on interface, one month, 2 month, 6
month or never! There is no chance to
replace other Bad Translation or
even to Vote -Ve for it. It is really
really Bad.

Second Project is “FaceBook”. It is really
Nice project and method for Translation.
It is very quick. If you start Translation,
just right click on word (which has RED Line
under it) and do translation (surely you
have to complete glossary first). It is very
best, Mostly used word, If completed in
a single day and most work is finished in
a week. Vote is another best thing in Facebook,
which allow other people to judge your
work and vote for it. It is state-forward
method for translator and vote to choose
correct word. and yes, when you translate,
word appears immediately and replace English.
It is amazing experience for me as translator.
I did a lot and will do more in this project.

last one is word-press, its translation
is quite similar with Google Method, but
only difference I felt is loading page
after submitting translation word. While
Google load whole Big page, but it load
single word and make my home CDMA connection
bill light.

anyway it is not big task for company like
google to make Translation from professionals
(He can pay). While provide Translation for
this low level and Bad face is just a joke>
with Language</span, nothing less. If you have
Huge Bank account, why not pay a small %
to do translation, if you really want to
provide in language, Even if you for 100
developers (I know it is many 100s),
why not a single translator and surely there
will not able 1000 languages (even not 200) to
translate. If not translator (want to get Translation
FREE of cost!), then an editor for Each language,
so that Interface must be good
if you want to go public face.


Mozilla l10n status update – quick

after many days I committed to l10n changes to
hg repo at Mozilla Firefox/thunderbird. After
commit, changes are reflected to server quite
fast like Gnome


you can customize this for single language as
I have only Punjabi Language:


(at slow home connection, it is quite big help)