Day with Cloud Testing….

Trying to help Cloud QA by testing.

Searched Failed QA Jobs at

While checking output, test case showed Passed 2 at the end, but actual build was failed with error

—- 22 vagrant /run/tunir/.vagrant/machines/tunirserver/libvirt/private_key
[Errno 113] No route to host

during debug and running test locally, I was getting same error while 
running everything manually and one step every-time. 


Created Ticket for Build failed as this build is continuously failed




Channel: #fedora-cloud


CLDR – help to fix your Locale/Language Data

CLDR is Common Locale Data Repository.

Why is it important to me?

Are you using  any of MS Windows, Apple Mac, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Debian) Operating system for Desktop/Laptop in you native Langauge?

Are you using iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows Phones?

Are you using any Google Services?



then this is Locale Repo, from where you Language Data is coming, which includes Date, Time format/name (like Mon, Tuesday or May 28, 2014 or 28 May, 2014). Here you can decide how it will look like.

Even if you don’t want to provide new entry, you can choose and Vote.



Aurora Mobile new menu and notification icon

Firefox Mobile Alpha (Aurora): yesterday changes Menu in Firefox with ‘Tool’ item, which reduces that length for main Menu with another sub-menu.

day before yesterday, Notification ICON for Aurora Browser is changes and looks like light Firefox, which is really nice. Also message in notification bar is also translated, which appear nice in Samsung mobile.

web app support is already there from long time and applications are working fine including my favourite Lucidechart and Solitaire

still quit button is there and it is not syncing properly as Firefox Beta is already there on mobile, I am using this as regular browser (although not mobile browser user)

Fedora 18 i18n Test Day

Today is Fedora 18 Test Day: internationalization (i18n) Test Day (18 Sep 2012). (fedora 18 i18n on 18th)

Major Feature for i18n to test:

Gnome 3.6 (ibus Integration with gnome):


– Ibus typing booster:

– Font Configuration Tool:


Special ISO for i18n testing is created [Download here].

there are some issue like

– if select language for a user (after create new user while login to other user), no input method is selected by default.

– while integration of ibus with gnome (actually XKB) is fine, but some basic issue about translation of Keyboard layouts (xkb are in English, other (ibus) are translated), make little confusion


Harfbuzz Testing can be done on UTRRS Test Page:
(Only for Indic locales)


Blackberry support for Indic locale??

I was searching for Support for Indic locale in Blackberry mobiles.

Current OS – 5 or 6

Blackberry localization ref:

some threads:

BlackBerry OS 6 has some support for Hindi – Font and Rendering is perfect, but No input. Blackberry Bold and Torch.

ADSL router (+modem) VPI/VCI setting for Airtel/BSNL


I had a BSNL broadband connection with ZTW ADSL router previously and new connection is with Airtel Broadband. I tried to use ZTE router, but it failed to ‘up’ connection each and every time. So finally used Beetal Modem for connection and ZTE as Wireless router only. Today found solution for that. Problem was with ATM PVC (VPI/VCI) setting

To go a bit technical, the ATM interface should be configured as point to point with the matching ISP VPI/VCI value. The reason behind it is that there is possibility of having multiple VPI/VCI values within the same ATM interface. By setting a sub-interface as point-to-point connection with specific VPI/VCI value, the ADSL modem will know how it correctly forwards traffic to proper path.”  –


VPI – 0

VCI – 35

Airtel (Beetal):

VPI – 1

VCI – 32

So, if need to use BSNL <>Airtel router, then update required for VPI/VCI Settings otherwise connection will not up.

Windows 7 Language Pack for Indic Languages…

Windows 7 Language Packs made available for Indic locales Here and instruction to install is Given Here.

I have only Windows Home premium, so at a time only one Language can work and not able to switch between different languages without change settings (Professional and Ultimate has feature for Multiple Language).

I am using Punjabi Language for Windows Desktop. Translation is better than Windows XP, but still it needs some improvement (which I would like to say not enhancement, but problematic). Dialog Box size different from en_US Windows and Few dialog box/window are not appear proper. Translation sometime seems like too low-level (pure Punjabi) to use actually. More over Most translation is just copy of Hindi, which sometime don’t make any sense in Punjabi.

Few Screenshots are below.




ਯਾਚਨਾ (what is this?)

Just providing Translation without any Review from actual computer users, it is bad (only good to complete formality for business deals)