Mozilla (firefox) Translation – A bad dream for Translator

Yes, it is.

Files have following format
which is plain text files, which can be
supported by MOZTRANSLATOR
(which is not working for Punjabi anyway)

There are many web/statics pages:

you need to run yourself compare script
(now with above tool, it is somehow easy, but
yet it is painful).

if you know CVS, then also it is hard to
find latest check-in English Strings.
you need to track on IRC channel
(which also have Bad experience),
Mailing list, and wiki as you can’t
expect when they ask translator to check
within 12 hours/24 hours to fix something
otherwise they are not going to release.

Baddest and saddest Thing:
Ok, Merging and Translation for New Strings are not a big issue. as a Translator I
can Manage and it is easy to get your built (Test Release or Nightly Build).
But biggest worry is about Updating English Strings. If something Change
English Sentense, but not update it name like:

Then what Happed??????

Nothing, Nothing at All. Translator Can’t find error in build or in status page. Even
Nightly/Released Package build successfully. You can understand that your
wording is improper to Current English context. From last 3 years, just know
I got this (during Firefox 3 transltion). Still I found no solution, unless you
completely re-translate for your Language (not review)


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