Sony YB with AMD Fusion

Yesterday got a chance to use Sony YB Series laptop, which is using AMD Fusion (AMD Link)  technology with APU (CPU+GPU)



  • AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350 with AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 Discrete-Class Graphics (detailed Benchmark by Notebooknet)
  • 11.6 inch wide (WXGA: 1366×768) TFT colour display (VAIO Display, LED backlight)
  • Compact and light weight: 1.46 kg
  • Isolation keyboard for comfortable typing
  • HDMI Output
  • 2 GB (2 GB x 1) DDR3 SDRAM
  • HDD 320 GB (Serial ATA, 5400 rpm)
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 Graphics (detailed Benchmark by Notebooknet)
  • Touchpad (Gesture supported)



    Performance is Good enough to say Powerful netbook and also can be Normal Laptop. with 11.6 inch screen and 1366×768 resolution, it is quite easy to use as Main laptop. Battery life is quite impressive when compare with older AMD Mobile CPU.

    Windows Index score 3.7, lowest with CPU, Graphics (with Aero) 4.1



    Detailed Index is below



    If HDD changed with SSD, then Windows start time and Application start time can be improved

    Linux: I tried Linux Mint 10 and Fedora Rawhide (Live)

    Linux Mint run smooth, but Detected Screen was 1028×800

    Fedora Rawhide detected correct Screens size (1366×768), but not work (due to broken packages in pre-Alpha release)


    Fedora 14 – Display works (but @1080×800), bug 675177 reported, wireless works

    Linux Mint installed – Display works properly with Non-Free Driver (from ATI), Wireless works out of Box, Touchpad and Sound is not working (headphone works)



    Windows 7 Language Pack for Indic Languages…

    Windows 7 Language Packs made available for Indic locales Here and instruction to install is Given Here.

    I have only Windows Home premium, so at a time only one Language can work and not able to switch between different languages without change settings (Professional and Ultimate has feature for Multiple Language).

    I am using Punjabi Language for Windows Desktop. Translation is better than Windows XP, but still it needs some improvement (which I would like to say not enhancement, but problematic). Dialog Box size different from en_US Windows and Few dialog box/window are not appear proper. Translation sometime seems like too low-level (pure Punjabi) to use actually. More over Most translation is just copy of Hindi, which sometime don’t make any sense in Punjabi.

    Few Screenshots are below.




    ਯਾਚਨਾ (what is this?)

    Just providing Translation without any Review from actual computer users, it is bad (only good to complete formality for business deals)

    Lenovo s10-3 – Bios Update problem…

    While got Lenovo s10-3, it was Intel Atom N475 CPU, 1Ghz DDR3   RAM, with 160GB Hard disk, 10 inches display with 1024×600. It cost 18000INR with Free Mouse, Nettop Bag, 2GB Pen drive, Headphone with speakers.

    Lenovo Ideapad S10-3

    Installed Windows 7 with usb DVD drive, Updated driver, but there was BIOS Update on Driver Page, while updating that, system got rebooted and not booted again. By pressing Power button, only Power LED glow, but nothing on Screen. Went back to dealer, asked about issue. He talked with technical support, and kept netboot with him to send to service Center (that is only solution, if your BIOS get corrupted). Good news was that, same day it got repaired and I am working on it now.

    What Service Center did – Changed Motherboard, because Serial Number on Nettop’s body is old, but BIOS is showing new S/N.

    That is my life, in which BIOS problem occurered, while updating BIOS. So, If you need to update BIOS, please take care, download from Vendors site, read instruction carefully, and Update only if you are facing problems. and Yes Important thing ‘Check if prodcut is under warranty’ otherwise it is just like replace motherbord for Laptop/Desktop.

    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Bios…

    While purchased new motherboard, I tried to boot previous Windows 7 64-bit installation, (with ASUS M3A785TD-V Evo + Phenom II 945), but it failed,

    Fedora 13 installation – Kernel Panic

    Debian Live CD – Failed to Boot

    Windows 7 – Reboot repeatedly without any specific reason

    Major Change – ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 –    USB3/SATA II/

    Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1099T –          Turbo Core

    After wasting 3 hours with various methods, finally download latest bios

    Version 1456 – 2010/05/14  – M4A89GTD PRO BIOS 1456

    Few fixed:

    -Fix the issue that GPU booster may be unable to adjust GPU clock.

    -Now Boot time, you can select only Boot Devices (NEW Feature)

    – Display Image is changed at boot screen

    – More core detected (old bios only show 4 cores in CPU configuration)

    – Better Speed Selection for SATA (3GB/s or 6GB/s)

    After rebooting and keep at other setting default, system boot in Windows and

    start detecting new hardware. Finally it save fresh installation.

    CPU Default run at 3.8Ghz, while mention speed is 3.2Ghz, wonderful!

    Yahoo IM got better Indic Rendering, but still minor update need for Punjabi…

    Final release of Yahoo! Messenger (, it

    provided support for Punjabi Language to input, specially I tested

    for Punjabi (Gurmukhi) and Hindi. Rendering for Hindi is

    quite good, but rendering for Punjabi need to improve, while type in

    input box, it is good enough for Chat Box, but while type, it shows

    space more than actual. (try to type with ka+Halant + Ra + SPACE + Ka)

    Adding video about it, (Thanks to CamStudio),

    surely Yahoo! IM has great improvement for Indic Languages, but Punjabi

    still have some issue.

    Recovering a lost Windows Serial Key…

    During Repair of Dell XPS Laptop, I lost Windows 7’s
    Cover, which I got as Upgrade from Vista (so no
    sticker on laptop). It includes Windows Serial No.
    It lost this morning, and I installed Windows
    without this key, but as need to activate within
    30 days, I have to find some solution.

    Two Software I found for this work (as I had already
    installed Windows 7 on my old bad sector hard disk)
    Belarc Advisor
    It has Free, Personal Use, working perfect
    Free for Demo, not perfect and PAID:-)

    Finally, I attach old harddisk, boot windows 7 (old installation),
    install both software, Recover-keys find few things
    Office, Call for Duty and 1 more, but now Windows key,
    Then install Belarc Advisor and it create report and
    show me in Web browser, yes it contains Windows keys
    with IE serial key. So I got the key to Windows Activation.
    It save money and something that Punjabi don’t like to do…;-)

    More information about OEM Windows Version here.

    Punjabi Support Enable on Windows 7

    Windows 7 has Unicode 5.1 Support for Punjabi,
    it is very easy to enable this support on Windows.
    If you take care during installation and select Punjabi
    (it is Punjabi (India)), in Language list, then
    it is very easy.

    I have put few screenshot here to Enable Punjabi Support
    Control Panel
    Load the control panel by clicking on the “Start”‘ menu and pressing the “Control Panel” icon. Make sure you are in category view. Select the icon that says “Clock, Language and Regional Options” and then select “Region and Language”

    Region and Language
    Select the “Format” tab and make sure you select the option saying “English (USA)” and select “Punjabi (India)”.

    If you are outside India, please use “Additional Settings” and Change Currency or Select “Location” Tab to select Location.

    INPUT Punjabi
    Type Punjabi On Desktop
    Now you can see icon near Notification area with “EN” as shown

    You can use the combination ALT + SHIFT to switch between different keyboard layouts (e.g. from a English Keyboard to Gurmukhi and vice-versa).

    Don’t know Punjabi Keyboard?
    if you are new to Punjabi input and don’t know Punjabi Keyboard Layout, there is easy solution to input Punjabi “On-Screen Keyboard”.
    On-Screen Keyboard can be accessed by clicking on the “Start” -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Ease to Access -> On-Screen Keyboard”

    I liked On-Screen Keyboard, which also has Punjabi Support,
    just open Keyboard and select Punjabi from Icon (or Alt+Shift),
    the you can see the Keyboard in Punjabi.

    Complete Detail on Community Website.
    Please share it with Punjabi, ask to read/write Punjabi (Gurmukhi) on
    their Computer. Ask to Use Unicode, so that we permote our
    language over web…