Punjabi Layout Fixed and Update Indic Layouts

while filed a bug for Punjabi Language in FreeDesktop (XKB),

I found various layouts still using 0x00, while is some how complex to
understand by new person (I remembered my College Days, while we
started Punlinux project and only understood Unicode (U0A07 etc)).

So I requested Maintainer to Change those 0X00 -> U,
he asked me to if I can. I started work on this and
fixed in 2 hours, but error take 2 days to fix. now
it is fixed and committed.

Maintainer Wants to fix some Characters, which has
no-sense in Language like:

Gujarati Keymap has following:
guj_rra, guj_nnna, guj_llla

Searched in Unicode Chart, but make no-sense,
So tried by typing with that layout. It was
showing same character as without Shift (those
were SHIFT characters).
so replaced with Unicode.

Other than this, basic work done as
0x000935 – > U0935,
0x00950 -> U950

Still Some Languages (Including Tamil) has
some layout in ASCII, which I skipped to update due to
Error in file.
following is list for those layout:

* India – Tamil TSCII Typewriter
* India – Tamil TAB Typewriter

files still contains:
0x10000b7, 0x10000a4 ] }; // aytham

I tried my best to skip any mistake or alter the
layout, but it is, that will be great difficutly for
me or maintainer. That’s what I understood from
Maintainer (SUV) ‘s last reply on bug, which
is saying like
“Great! Committed! Thanks for your help. I hope noone gets angry because of your
changes to existing in variants;)”

let us see what community or people say on this (surely
until someone open this file and modify, till then
nobody will reply)


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