Indic Mash up

Today was Sunday and we have Indic Mashup (
I joined it from two reason:
1. Jaswinder was not here. So I think to join to as Punjabi community member.
2. I am going to get comp-off for this day. This allow me to surely Join this.

finally We started almost 30 minutes late, but we have lot of things to
discuss, while start with keyboard layouts, Unicode, fonts and
finally sorting order for various language.

New Punjabi Team Member Pirthi was with me. It was new experience for him.
Surely he had not enjoyed this too much, but it will help him to make
further progress in Community.

I got few things fixed for working:
1) Keyboard layout (for XKB)
2) New Unicode 5.1.0 – New Punjabi additions
3) font issue

Overall this was great Experience for me and learning lamha for me.
(although comp-off was most important for me than this)


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