Get Fedora 11 Update…

Today after Fresh install rawhide, there was
problem while updating package. Speed was
too slow to update, While ‘fedora-rawhide.repo’
REPO was pointing to US server (which ideally fast)
after few time, I noticed that it is using
‘fedora.repo’ and ‘fedora-updates.repo’ REPO also,
which is not directly link to rawhide. During
investigation, I found following thing:

1) fedora-rawhide.repo – Rawhide packages
2) fedora.repo – Also contains link to Rawhide packages, which is not under
‘../release/11’, but ‘…/development/{ARCH}/os/’
3) fedora-update.repo – Contains Updated packages for Fedora 11,
which were newer than Rawhide release packages

kdebase and other kde packages provide this

rawhide -> kde-4.2.2*
fedora.repo – Just using rawhide repo
fedora-update.repo – > kde-4.2.3 (which is newer than rawhide)

So, If you want to use latest package, specially in India, where
local mirror is too slow, then just replace it with
some US rawhide ‘baseurl’ and it will work fast and you
will have latest package from ‘Fedora 11 Update’


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