Windows 7 Sins

Before release of Windows 7,  FSF launches campaign against

Windows 7 in Windows7Sins Site with

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a

lifetime." — Lao Tzu”

Major issue shows on site are:

1. Poisoning education

2. Invading privacy

3. Monopoly behavior

4. Lock-in

5. Abusing standards

6. Enforcing Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)

7. Threatening user security

So, if you want help, please do you part. FSF and

other FOSS people in India should also provide all

this Content in Local language, if no other help they can do.

M$ is doing Windows 7 Campaign in India around major cities in 2-3 months. Minimum User should aware about issue.


AMD Turion Ultra… Still not in India

AMD provide various Mobile Processor
including Turion Ultra, Turion X2,
Athlon and more.
I was searching for laptop, which is
based on AMD. I collected various resources,
which are following (would like to share, so
never lost:) )
Processor Detail:
Turion Ultra ZM L2: 2 x 1 MiB, HT: 1800 MHz, Power: 32-35 W, speed: 2.1-2.5Ghz
Turion RM– L2: 2 x 512 KiB, HT: 1800 MHz, Power: 31-35 W, speed: 2.0-2.2Ghz
Athlon QL – L2: 2 x 512 KiB, HT: 18000 MHz, Power: 25-35W, speed: 1.9-2.1Ghz
Turion 64 X2 TL– L2: 2 x 512 KiB, HT: 1800 MHz, Power: 31-35 W, speed: 1.8-2.4Ghz
Athlon 64 X2 TK – L2: 2 x 256 KiB, HT: 1800 MHz, Power: 31-35 W, speed: 1.7-1.9Ghz
(All are Enhanced 3DNow!, NX bit, AMD64, PowerNow!, AMD-V ready)
More Detail Read Here

Available Laptop: AMD showing big list
of laptop here and even you can filter to
AMD Turion Ultra, but outside USA, there
are very few available. (As in India, only
HP provide AMD laptop with only selected
Hardware (precofigured).)
Few Laptops from HP are Here
1) HP TouchSmart tx2z: AMD Turion ZM-82 (2.1Ghz)
12”, ATI Radeon HD 3200 – BEST in Price ~ $1000

2) HP Pavilion dv3z: AMD Turion X2 RM-74, 13′
ATI Radeon HD 3200. – Full Keyboard ~$850
3) HP Pavilion dv2z: AMD Athlon Neo Processor 1.6Ghz
(better than Intel Neo), 12”
ATI Radeon HD 3410
More than Atom, but not notebook ~$750
4) HP Pavilion dv6z: AMD Turion RM-74, 16′
ATI Radeon HD 3200, Big Screen ~$763

Other are Provide by Toshiba, but those are
hidden (not directly accessble from Website,
but with google).

Search is continue and Hope to cutomize the
system with Turion Ultra ZM-86, which is not
directly available in India yet.

Nazi Reply got…

my ssh key is updated. I replied back
to gnome admin regarding
key replacement time (which we can think to improve)
but Nazi reply back to me like:

“We’re all just volunteers here, and we’re doing as best as we can and
try to be as helpful as we can. Even for users who did not bother to
back up their own sensitive data.”

* If they are volunteer, then “What AM I?”

* ya, I lost my key, my mistake, but Is it not Very Harsh and hard reply
even I was trying to help them to improve if possible.

It was not VERY unexpected as I know something about NEW Nazi group:-)

some Linux Support for AMD System

I have AMD X4 Phenom Processor with ASUS M3A78-EM
Mainboard, ATI Radeon HD 2600.
All things are latest and I was very confident
about Linux Installation.
I was waiting for SSD Drive, but actually not
able to get it anyway, so SATA continue.
First installed Windows 7 (Beta). It was easy to
install and most of hardware works fine without
Drivers. While Install openSUSE 11.1 x86_64,
it started, but failed to add repo. I googled
about issue, but no solution. Finally used
KDE live CD (opensuse), but again it failed with
same issue. So I installed Windows Vista 64-bit
and installed openSUSE 11.1 i386. It worked anyway,
while changed 2 things:
1 – No 200MB different parition as Windows 7 Created
2 – I reduced /home from 250GB

Finally Linux boot and I search for few information.
ASUS provide LAN/Sound/SATA Driver for Linux.
On Support/Driver Website, you have option to select Linux:-)
Specially for Suse Linux 10* for SATA. This was
thing with required for x86_64 installation, but
now I would not like to go back for installation.

Next Thing was looking for AMD/ATI support

AMD Provide here few applications including CPU Info and
Cpufreq Driver (All other are for Windows).

CPUInfo Application has only RPM ( CPUInfo-2_2_0-AMD) for
RHEL5/SELS10.2/10.3, but I run rpm and works fine on opensuse 11.1
as it confains only 1 command ( /usr/local/sbin/CPUInfo)
and few docs.

CPU-freq Driver is failed to compile on machine with some technical
problem (programming, which I don’t want to solve). Developer
not mention any command to recompile kernel (I think it will
good idea to add)

ATI provide Proprietary Linux Drivers (non-open source)
for x86_64 and x86. I have not
installed any of this yet.

May it not be big thing at all, but I was happy to get driver on Motherboard
CD and some software on Vendor website, only Sad part was
32-bit linux, while never want to.

why need reference from unrelated project…

I was following OpenOffice Mailing list (l10n-dev)
due to various good and bad reasons. Various
people joins project, they give reference that
he/she want to start this language or want
to join language, they simple introduce themselves and
help by joining team.
But from last few months, Various Indic people started
join project and provide very big big reference like
I am doing gnome , am doing firefox, am doing this ….
why? if you want to join a project, why need to refer
other project and why do you think that you should be
there if in other projects?
Inside of working with project team, which already working,
the mail is something like to “I want to do that, please will
you quit or want a kick?”. (not all but few mails are like that
only, not want to refer anyboday)
This may not a big issue yet, but will they able to maintain
later with this big number of projects? It seems crazy,
how will you work as leader if you have not able with
as team member…
let us wait and watch …

a Project Change from pa-IN to pa – Mission, not only word

Unicode make it clear that ‘pa-gur-IN’ is basic part of ‘pa’ locale

where pa-gur-IN Represent as —
so Punjabi-Gurmukhi-India Script is actually making ‘pa’ locale.

So Most Project already using ‘pa’ is for Punjabi, quite few project
like mozilla is using pa-IN, which need to update.

A bug 380287 filed for Firefox/Thunderbird

I tried to file before Firefox 3 Release and asked to fix it, but
Mozilla Team was busy with other important task, so it was skipped.
Finally Team have a time and get back to it.

pa (Stage 1) //Punjabi =
pa-IN (default)(unicode bug _above)
/ \
/ \
pa-arb pa-gur (Stage 2) //2 different Script
(Shahmukhi / Gurmukhi)
| |
pa-PK pa-IN (Stage 3)//Region based,
Pakistan India

So, Now First we need to skip region based choice and to
original locale choice (that is ‘pa’), which is important
as if you run a application, by giving pa-IN or pa-PK, and
no translation available for that, then application will check
for ‘pa’ translation. As ‘pa’ is default, so we need to use it
(as Unicode confirmed this).

What happened if Shahmukhi Script people want to start project
for Punjabi?
Surely they have to use script encoding with language like pa-arb
or pa@arb as there is script difference and only solution is to use
arb with pa and it is true for all projects. After all script is basic
difference, not region as any Shahmukhi Punjabi User can be
anywhere is world as Gurmukh Punjabi Script User are.

I got most response from NRI Punjabi people instead of India based.
so it is not good to attach a specific region with locale due to
population (census). I was never happy to divide a language
on basis of region, as Language has no boundary itself, but it
flow of ideas, freedom to express those, So we should make it
open and out of boundary. If I have operating system, then sometimes
it can be used to select timezone for locale automatic, but should
not be forced to use only that timezone. My Mac is showing
same issue as I selected Punjabi, then only Showing region as
India. Surely more Punjabi Mac users are outside India and
Apple is still confuse with “non-census” data. So
making my (our) locale region-free is important mission for me.

During working on bug, something interesting is pointed out that
mozilla got around 100 hits daily for Punjabi locale. It was
quite good figure, if I cared to my guess.

Hope to fix this issue soon as ‘Seth’ is working quite hard, but
I was worrying about his late comment in bug “will ask our Indic localizers
who write blogs to make the announcement.”

let us see what is output of that…

Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 – for Punjabi

Again Firefox available for Testing beta version. It is available
for Punjabi Version 3.1Beta1

Windows Download:

Mac Download:

Linux Download:

If you have resource please download and Test once (for Punjabi), so
that we can make impact for locale [1]

More This Beta release Information:

After Test, please send us your review, comment about
Translation to our mailing list Punjab-users so that
we can work to update as we have two week to finish before
Beta 2 release. I have one issue with me (which is sent by
Mr. A S Kang for copy/link issue)

[1] Mozilla Bug
ਬੱਗ ਮੁਤਾਬਕ ਔਸਤ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਲਈ ਹਿੱਟ 100 ਰੋਜ਼ਾਨਾ ਹੈ, ਮੈਨੂੰ ਥੋੜ੍ਹੀ ਹੈਰਾਨੀ ਹੋਈ ਕਿ 100 ਕਿੱਥੋ ਹੋ ਗਏ, ਸੱਚੀ
ਐਨੀ ਉਮੀਦ ਨਹੀਂ ਸੀ। ਬਾਕੀ ਮੋਜ਼ੀਲਾ ਸਿਸਟਮ ਐਡਮਿਨ ਦੇ ਸ਼ਬਦ ਖੁਦ ਪੜ੍ਹ ਲਵੋ ਜੀ! Check
Admin comment below about Punjabi

“For the most part it looks like we have about 100 Active Daily users for pa-IN.
There is a strange couple of days just recently where we had a huge spike.
aug 21,22… Can anyone think of what might have caused this? Holiday or any
other event? I could have just been an error in our reporting system…

Here is the data for those two days and the last 15.

2008-08-21 7,004
2008-08-22 533

2008-10-01 110
2008-10-02 94
2008-10-03 115
2008-10-04 99
2008-10-05 93
2008-10-06 107
2008-10-07 106
2008-10-08 114
2008-10-09 96
2008-10-10 119
2008-10-11 99
2008-10-12 102
2008-10-13 117
2008-10-14 113
2008-10-15 119″