Mozilla Awareness Event in Rural Area of Punjab

With the Help of Punjabi community, we organize a event dedicated to Mozilla and its variant available in Punjabi on 24th Jan, 2015 at rural area of Punjab, Takhtupura (Moga District).


Event was organized in Local High School of village, despite very bad weather outside. The young peoples (Mostly collage students) of Takhtupura came to attend this event.


Event was started at 12 Noon, there was no sun outside and weather was around 4 degree with chilled air. We started with the Welcome speech for audience and continue with the Mozilla mission and various other projects running by Mozilla.



Inder Punj started to tell them about Firefox, Firefox OS and Thunderbird, Peoples was too surprised to knew that Mozilla Firefox is available in Punjabi also, Inder gave them demo how they can use Punjabi version of Firefox on their desktop and how they can switch firefox in Punjabi on their mobile. Peoples were excited and tried the same on their mobiles and was happy to see their mobile browser running in Punjabi. Inder request peoples to use Punjabi version of Firefox on their android phones as well on their Desktop and tell your friends and family about it.


Later Pirthi introduced them with the FirefoxOS and told them about the cheapest smart phone available in the market. Peoples was numb to listen that there is cheap smart phone by Firefox available to use. Later we show them the Mozilla Firefox OS phones and tell them how it works in Punjabi and requested peoples to use this as much as they can and tell us in case any improvement/bug etc.


Later Pirthi and Inder Punj interact 1:1 with the peoples and answer their all queries. Peoples was curious to ask question about Mozilla mission and products. Some of the young collage students requested us to organize such event in their collages so that more people can benefited from these free softwares in Punjabi.




P1000562P1000596 P1000696

At end refreshment had been given to the peoples. Served them snacks and soft drinks. Pirthi and Inder say thanks to the peoples for make this event a success and requested them to continue to support Punjabi community and Mozilla.

P1000620 P1000633

At end group photo was at school courtyard with promise from peoples that they will use and promote Punjabi community and Mozilla efforts as much as possible.


Punjabi community would like to Thanks Jeff Beaty and Mozilla to help us to organize this event.

Press release on on the leading Punjabi news paper –


Chrome – test Drive…

Google chrome released long time back, I never tried it, but after using some mobile services and read about N900 + Chrome, I thought to test run. Finally start with Mac OS version, then tried on Linux (Fedora x86_64 RPM build by google), and Finally on Windows. It imported all data from Firefox on All platforms very easily , no error, and look was same on all OS, Same feel.

Book Mark Sync was quick feature, which I liked most as Firefox, need to install Weave and then it ask Few more username and password and PIN, then start sync, but for Chrome, someone need only Google a/c and it is done. But what I missed is Merge feature, which works better on Firefox (it ask what to merge), but chrome don’t. You have to merge or not sync at all. Secondly not sure, but I found it is not syncing Password and Browser history like Mozilla Weave

Overall smooth ride, cool look, faster loading, interface than Firefox.

for i18n/l10n point, it is not available in my language (Punjabi), for which I pushed Issue. For Indic, it is available in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu.

it is Open Source, so got en-GB file to translate, start work if I can push to Google, where I am not sure whether they accept code or not.

Thunderbird Profile Migration: Linux to Mac

yesterday I need to migrate data from
Linux to Mac machine, while biggest problem was
Email Client configration. I have two gmail
account configurated in Linux Machine with
Thunderbird and don’t like to configure account
and make 17-19 Filters again. I was very sure about
linux migration from one release (or distribution) to
another, but never tried Linux2Mac Thunderbird

so, yesterday was test day for Migration Linux2Mac
thunderbird data.
just scp’ed content from (linux) ~/.thunderbird/* to
(mac) ~Library/Thunderbird/

but simple pressing thunderbird icon was not working,
but showing error like “Already running…”

then checked profiles.ini file in ~/Library/Thunderbird

aman$ cat profiles.ini //from Linux Machine


aman$ cat profiles.ini-mac //that was old Thunderbird profile on Mac Machine (just before scp from linux)


So Difference was between PATH, where Mac machine has
Profiles Directory, but Linux don’t have. It was easy to hack
and after fix, run thunderbird and it was working fine,
sorting, filter and everything was just Normal.

Project Resposne Time: ssh key replacement…

I lost my SSH key with hard disk failure.
now it is time to replace with various Projects.
I have following list and track time to replace key

Project ……… Report …….1st Response………Replaced
Gnome ……… 11Mar ……..yet not …………NO
Fedora*…….. 11Mar ……11Mar……… Fixed (same day)
KDE …………..11Mar……11Mar……… Fixed ( hours)
Mozilla………. 11Mar………Yet Not ……… No

* Fedora has account page, where most easy to replace key (as a
translator, it is not useful to replace key)

so, KDE is quick (super fast) to update and response.

FYI: how to update ssh key in various Projects:

Gnome: send mail to address with key, username. (last replacement took 5 days.)

KDE: New Bugzilla Page: KDE sysadmin request as Bug

Fedora: Login to Fedora Account page and
Edit detail->Upload new key.

Mozilla: File a bug to replace key like: Bug 378597 (took almost 1 month)

Update later when it all projects updated.