Windows 7 Language Pack for Indic Languages…

Windows 7 Language Packs made available for Indic locales Here and instruction to install is Given Here.

I have only Windows Home premium, so at a time only one Language can work and not able to switch between different languages without change settings (Professional and Ultimate has feature for Multiple Language).

I am using Punjabi Language for Windows Desktop. Translation is better than Windows XP, but still it needs some improvement (which I would like to say not enhancement, but problematic). Dialog Box size different from en_US Windows and Few dialog box/window are not appear proper. Translation sometime seems like too low-level (pure Punjabi) to use actually. More over Most translation is just copy of Hindi, which sometime don’t make any sense in Punjabi.

Few Screenshots are below.




ਯਾਚਨਾ (what is this?)

Just providing Translation without any Review from actual computer users, it is bad (only good to complete formality for business deals)


selinux command with share home directory on web/httpd

while I mostly create repo in my home directory, and each time I forgot how to use selinux in home directory.  Following two command need to run on system (fedora based) to enable home directory to share on Web/http.

[root@localhost os]# setsebool -P httpd_enable_homedirs=1

following command make Directory content as same as /var/www/html/ so that browser can use this.

[root@localhost os]# chcon -R -t httpd_sys_content_t /home/<DIR>

command are quite easy (if not forgot) then Graphical Interface.