Sony Vaio + Fedora 13 works perfectly – BIOS needs hack

Finally Sony Vaio Z 13.3 Series problem with Fedora 13 Fixed, but need to hack bios for this, but which Graphics card need to change for Static instead of Dynamic. (laptop has hybrid GPU).

To work it properly you need to hack BIOS of your laptop as explained HERE. I used following steps, it is easy and state forward, but there is RISK (so please take care).

Downloads (on Windows machine):

1) – Script to Convert simple Bios -> Adav

2) Flashit tool (Download from:

3)UNetbootin – Create Bootable disk with freeDos

4) Portable Python – to run script


1) Install Portable Python on USB Drive

2) copy Flashit to USB Drive

3) copy to USB Drive -> <PortablePython_1.1_py2.6.1>/App/

Steps: (NOTE: if get any error anywhere, please don’t go forward and try to ask question in forum here)

1) Use UNetbootin to Download & install FreeDos (~4MB)

2) Copy files as said in TODO

3) Reboot and Boot to ‘Free Dos Live CD’ option

4) run commands


$B:> flashit.exe dump.rom /g

5) Reboot your machine in Windows

6) Copy dump.rom to USBDrive/PortablePython_1.1_py2.6.1/App/

6) open ‘cmd’ and goto USB’s Portable Python Directory (USB Dirve/PortablePython_1.1_py2.6.1/App)

7) run command

python dump.rom new.rom

8) reboot your machine and boot from USB Drive with FreeDOS option

9) run command as following


B:>flashit.exe new.rom /f

10) Computer will automatically rebooted and press F2 to goto bios

11) Setting in BIOS is following:

F2->BIOS->Advanced->Peripheral Config.->VGA Switching Policy: Auto (Change to “Static”).

Now boot in Fedora, remove ‘nomodeset’ option in kernel at boot time.

I got 1600×900 resolution with Nvidia 330M (which detected properly), with kernel-

Few bugs fixed are Nvidia


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