Lenovo s10-3 – Bios Update problem…

While got Lenovo s10-3, it was Intel Atom N475 CPU, 1Ghz DDR3   RAM, with 160GB Hard disk, 10 inches display with 1024×600. It cost 18000INR with Free Mouse, Nettop Bag, 2GB Pen drive, Headphone with speakers.

Lenovo Ideapad S10-3

Installed Windows 7 with usb DVD drive, Updated driver, but there was BIOS Update on Driver Page, while updating that, system got rebooted and not booted again. By pressing Power button, only Power LED glow, but nothing on Screen. Went back to dealer, asked about issue. He talked with technical support, and kept netboot with him to send to service Center (that is only solution, if your BIOS get corrupted). Good news was that, same day it got repaired and I am working on it now.

What Service Center did – Changed Motherboard, because Serial Number on Nettop’s body is old, but BIOS is showing new S/N.

That is my life, in which BIOS problem occurered, while updating BIOS. So, If you need to update BIOS, please take care, download from Vendors site, read instruction carefully, and Update only if you are facing problems. and Yes Important thing ‘Check if prodcut is under warranty’ otherwise it is just like replace motherbord for Laptop/Desktop.


2 thoughts on “Lenovo s10-3 – Bios Update problem…

    • as a customer, it can be easy solution to handover to manufacture to fix. But surely replacing montherboard is not Only solution. Manufacture surely repairs it someway as it not hardware issue, but software.

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