Fedora on vaio Z-series

Vaio z-series laptop (model VPCZ126GG Profile) has RAID 0 (hardware raid), which created single partition on 2 SSD Disks.

If you want to install fedora on that, need to delete RAID, which means delete of whole disk data. If you plan to restore later or install windows, you need to back whole disk (125GB) before touch RAID configuration. (fedora need Boot partition out of RAID and that is somehow trick part (by using pen drive to boot)) and also need to get Windows DVD as Sony Vaio is not provide with this model

RAID Remove:

go to BIOS (try Esc or F1 during boot, Adance-> RAID (select Show).

Now after boot, press Ctrl+i, it will show your RAID Configuration. Select ‘Delete RAID Data’ and Select one disk and repeat for 2nd Disk.

After removing RAID, your computer is OS Free. Now your system will show two disks with Windows or Linux (with RAID only 1 disk).

Windows install:

if need to install windows, then install it first and keep in mind that Windows 7 has no good support for this VAIO model. No Ethernet, no wireless. So you need to know/download driver for Ethernet minimal (so get update from Internet). Download from Sony Site (on Pen drive). All other installation is normal.

Linux Install:

Fedora 13 installation is NOT smooth, default option is not working for installation, you need to set ‘nomodeset’ before you hit enter with boot from CD/DVD by press tab.

after it boot, no GUI installation possible, but text or VNC. if need to configure Disk partition, need to use VNC only (no disk partitioning possible in Text mode).

do installation. after reboot, you will get text mode as installation was in text mode (with vnc also), you need to set GUI by swap 3-> 5 in /etc/inittab/

installing kmod-nvidia is not going to help, but drop you in only text model.

Maximum display resolution you can get 1024×800. Even your monitor can support other (1600×900). Fedora bug for Display

Touch Pad is NOT working for this model, need to use external mouse. Fedora bug for Touch Pad.

Overall Linux/Fedora support is bad as Mouse is not totally work, installation is not GUI and display is overall bad till date.


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