While purchased new motherboard, I tried to boot previous Windows 7 64-bit installation, (with ASUS M3A785TD-V Evo + Phenom II 945), but it failed,

Fedora 13 installation – Kernel Panic

Debian Live CD – Failed to Boot

Windows 7 – Reboot repeatedly without any specific reason

Major Change – ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 –    USB3/SATA II/

Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1099T –          Turbo Core

After wasting 3 hours with various methods, finally download latest bios

Version 1456 – 2010/05/14  – M4A89GTD PRO BIOS 1456

Few fixed:

-Fix the issue that GPU booster may be unable to adjust GPU clock.

-Now Boot time, you can select only Boot Devices (NEW Feature)

– Display Image is changed at boot screen

– More core detected (old bios only show 4 cores in CPU configuration)

– Better Speed Selection for SATA (3GB/s or 6GB/s)

After rebooting and keep at other setting default, system boot in Windows and

start detecting new hardware. Finally it save fresh installation.

CPU Default run at 3.8Ghz, while mention speed is 3.2Ghz, wonderful!


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