Yahoo IM got better Indic Rendering, but still minor update need for Punjabi…

Final release of Yahoo! Messenger (, it

provided support for Punjabi Language to input, specially I tested

for Punjabi (Gurmukhi) and Hindi. Rendering for Hindi is

quite good, but rendering for Punjabi need to improve, while type in

input box, it is good enough for Chat Box, but while type, it shows

space more than actual. (try to type with ka+Halant + Ra + SPACE + Ka)

Adding video about it, (Thanks to CamStudio),

surely Yahoo! IM has great improvement for Indic Languages, but Punjabi

still have some issue.


4 thoughts on “Yahoo IM got better Indic Rendering, but still minor update need for Punjabi…

  1. Dear Sir,
    Once you converted our document (Satluj font) into Unicode. How did you do that? I’ve downloaded ‘GUCA’ but it is not working! We need to publish some documents after conversion into Unicode.

    • for convert any font (Satluj) to Unicode, you need to check Mapping file for that
      (like Satluj To Unicode. If you donwload GUCA_ALL files, then check following file
      “Satluj to Unicode.gmf”.
      Run Guca, to install these custom mappings, load GUCA and open the options dialog by clicking ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’. Click on the ‘Mappings’ tab and press the ‘Add’ button. Ensure you have unzipped the archive and then select the mapping file to add. To convert using these mappings, click ‘Tools’ > ‘Convert’ and then select the appropriate conversion.

      Please let me know if get further problem

      • Thanks for the help.
        Actually, I am unable to install GUCA. When I try to install it, a message appears ” The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)”. They say I need some Microsoft .NET Framework. Even I downloaded that software too but somehow it also failed to initialize.

  2. it is working for Windows Service Pack 2, where .NET 2.0 available. Please make sure, it is installed (.NET 2.0). and Windows XP SP2. above error message is due to one for above missing.
    Patch Update

    Search “Download the 885523 package now” and download/install.

    If you can use on some other computer with other than Windows XP (Vista or Windows 7), you can do it easily.

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