I got Dell Studio 1457 with Intel i7 processor yesterday.

for Fedora 12 installation major problems:
1) Broadcom Ethernet is not detected (fixed)
2) Once Display Blank, reboot and then only start,
(this was true for anaconda also) (still not working)
3) No Sound (still not working) Fedora Bug 562695

Dell Studio 1457 Smolt Profile

after 4 attempt to install Fedora 12, (3 failed
with no display), I get message that there is
no Network device detected on your machine,
so please use DVD or Complete CD (I was
using network install). (that is why
keep DVD with you at home:-) )
Got KDE Live CD, installation was quite fast,
Ethernet was not detected, but Wireless
was working (it is intel half-mini card).

Rebooted and Display gone. After waiting
for few minutes, reboot again this time
display was working (now after shutdown,
I need to reboot 2 times to get display working)

Broadcom Ethernet:
there is workaround given here (Fedora Bug)

modprobe -r tg3

modprobe broadcom
modprobe tg3
modprobe tg3


it is working, but need to use this each time

Video: ATI detected and worked on proper resolution automatically
Audio: Still not working

KDE System Monitor showing 8 Cores (i7 has 4 core / 8 threads)


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