Intel Inside out – Now in US

Another News about Intel‘s GREAT Success
story to remain Big in market.
This News from US (previous from EU),
where State of New York file case against
Intel to pay money to AMD.
HP is second in line not to Do or Delay
release for AMD.
Dell as my personal experience, they are
not selling direct AMD, only through
Phone and salesman will let you know
various short-comes in AMD deals, provide
better deals in Intel only (this is India’s story).

if you remember EU’s fine to Intel (around 3.45 billion in May),
Intel reply them with various reasons, but final
reply from EU you can read hereLink
So, this is Intel’s Inside story, US prepared
after EU, but I am not sure about my country
whether they will start find wrong business
deals or not as Intel may pay more money now
to politician or Officers than EU/US.:-)


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