10 Things for New IT person

Just don’t want to copy & Paste, so
follow the link Here for Great Advice…

Summary as below (for my personal experience):
0000 – Being liked is easy Yes, I experienced it
0001 – Being respected is hard Yes, I experienced it
0010 – Everything you learned in college is useless Yes, I experienced it
0011 – Never stop learning Yes, I experienced it
0100 – You live or die by your text editor, so choose wisely – No, I m not programmer at last
0101 – No one really cares what college you went to Yes, I experienced it
0110 – Silence never goes out of style Yes, I experienced it
0111 – You will meet odd, strange and unpleasant people, deal with it –Yes, I experienced it
1000 – Make friends with IT Yes, I experienced it
1001 – You will never escape office politics – Yes, I experienced it


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