Fedora 11 – New phase for Indic Language

Fedora 11 got release last week and it
is best Operating system for Indic language.
When I said best, there are various reasons
for it.

(*) Live CD – One live CD for multiple languages
Download Live CD

Just download a single Live CD, boot your
system with it and Please don’t forgot to
Press “Languages” Tab at Login screen.
Yes, you can get various Language including
Indic. Nepali, Maithili, Urdu are new language
available for Fedora 11. All other
languages, like Assamese, Bengali,
Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi,
Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Sinhala
are already there.

No need to make and distribute separate
Live CD for each language, just select any
language and you can get everything ready
with that.
I tested my language Punjabi, while
selecting, Interface, Input Method are
working like pre-installed Punjabi OS.

For more information regading Fedora,
please check
Fedora 11

(*) Ibus – New Input Method with new feature:
Till fedora 11, default input method (to type
language), was SCIM, which was advanced with
various features, but logout-login again with
every change was really bad, but no worries,
now Fedora 11 has Ibus, with which you can
just change anything on fly (like Add new keymap,
language, or anything for your language) and just
start type. Yes, it is working
at the most you need to ‘restart’ you
ibus only and it works (really!). Any
change for language you and just use it.
It is quite good feature.
Interface of Ibus setting is quite simple and

(*) Multimedia –
Fedora 11 is ready with all multimedia
feature, just install RPM Fusion package and
you don’t need anything more after to add to
run mp3, wma or video files.

(*) If you are found of KDE Desktop, Fedora also
provide KDE Live CD
Live CD


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