Thunderbird Profile Migration: Linux to Mac

yesterday I need to migrate data from
Linux to Mac machine, while biggest problem was
Email Client configration. I have two gmail
account configurated in Linux Machine with
Thunderbird and don’t like to configure account
and make 17-19 Filters again. I was very sure about
linux migration from one release (or distribution) to
another, but never tried Linux2Mac Thunderbird

so, yesterday was test day for Migration Linux2Mac
thunderbird data.
just scp’ed content from (linux) ~/.thunderbird/* to
(mac) ~Library/Thunderbird/

but simple pressing thunderbird icon was not working,
but showing error like “Already running…”

then checked profiles.ini file in ~/Library/Thunderbird

aman$ cat profiles.ini //from Linux Machine


aman$ cat profiles.ini-mac //that was old Thunderbird profile on Mac Machine (just before scp from linux)


So Difference was between PATH, where Mac machine has
Profiles Directory, but Linux don’t have. It was easy to hack
and after fix, run thunderbird and it was working fine,
sorting, filter and everything was just Normal.


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