some Linux Support for AMD System

I have AMD X4 Phenom Processor with ASUS M3A78-EM
Mainboard, ATI Radeon HD 2600.
All things are latest and I was very confident
about Linux Installation.
I was waiting for SSD Drive, but actually not
able to get it anyway, so SATA continue.
First installed Windows 7 (Beta). It was easy to
install and most of hardware works fine without
Drivers. While Install openSUSE 11.1 x86_64,
it started, but failed to add repo. I googled
about issue, but no solution. Finally used
KDE live CD (opensuse), but again it failed with
same issue. So I installed Windows Vista 64-bit
and installed openSUSE 11.1 i386. It worked anyway,
while changed 2 things:
1 – No 200MB different parition as Windows 7 Created
2 – I reduced /home from 250GB

Finally Linux boot and I search for few information.
ASUS provide LAN/Sound/SATA Driver for Linux.
On Support/Driver Website, you have option to select Linux:-)
Specially for Suse Linux 10* for SATA. This was
thing with required for x86_64 installation, but
now I would not like to go back for installation.

Next Thing was looking for AMD/ATI support

AMD Provide here few applications including CPU Info and
Cpufreq Driver (All other are for Windows).

CPUInfo Application has only RPM ( CPUInfo-2_2_0-AMD) for
RHEL5/SELS10.2/10.3, but I run rpm and works fine on opensuse 11.1
as it confains only 1 command ( /usr/local/sbin/CPUInfo)
and few docs.

CPU-freq Driver is failed to compile on machine with some technical
problem (programming, which I don’t want to solve). Developer
not mention any command to recompile kernel (I think it will
good idea to add)

ATI provide Proprietary Linux Drivers (non-open source)
for x86_64 and x86. I have not
installed any of this yet.

May it not be big thing at all, but I was happy to get driver on Motherboard
CD and some software on Vendor website, only Sad part was
32-bit linux, while never want to.


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