Firefox Rendering for Indic Language

Firefox 3.0.x’s rendering is very bad and it is
almost impossible to work in localize environment with

When Firefox downloaded and used in Punjabi language (pa_IN)
locale (environment), English web pages are showing characters
in Punjabi (Non-English) font. (Juck characters as in screenshot)

Blog Screenshot

And yes, it is problem on Linux, but not confirmed on Windows.

it is almost impossible to read the Text on most website. Wonder
is that Punjabi Websites works fine.

Firefox Rendering Problem

First bug was filed for Fedora Bugz #460865, which is later
upstreamed to Mozilla

Mozilla Bz #455647 is handle very quickly and fixed
bug for trunk (firefox 3.1/1.9.1), but Firefox 3.0.3/4/5/6/x
is still without patch. If patch is not
available, then Fedora 10, Opensuse 11.0/11.1 will suffer
and native user will actually suffer from it.

Can someone from Mozilla or Indic community will ask
Mozilla l10n to make commet in Bug (or make blocker
It is really difficult for regular Indic user to work
with firefox (3.0.x) without patch?


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