Windows and KDE4 – Free Desktop for Windows

First Time, I tried KDE4 on Windows Vista. It is pretty good
to start installation. KDE for Windows website
gives you installer for KDE on Windows. You can directly download
it here (KDE Installer).
A Simple guide is Here,
which is not too important if you want to install, just start installation,
Which is state forward. It will ask for mirror, which may be trick
as some mirror don’t have KDE packages for Windows, while I
selected from Europen Union.
Select Packages, which you want, as you will have big list from
KDEPIM (kmail), KDENETWORK (kopete), KDEBASE (konqueror, dolphin),
KDESDK (kate, lokalize), select which you want (package name be different,
please read summary give with package).

One Package download from Microsoft Site failed 2 times, so I skiped
(Ignore) that Package, and KDE works fine without that.
My Desktop is ready with KDE now and kopete, korgnizer,
kate, lokalize, juk, and my favrioute Education applications
are there, And Yes Best on for me is, Punjabi Langauge is there,
you can select Punjabi Package and install those on Windows
for KDE, Free:-)

Windows Menu with KDE packages is here:

and Final Whole Desktop with KDE applications

Element Table for Chemsitry

Konqueror is not running, this is only application, which
failed to run. Kopete failed to connect yahoo, but
Google account works fine, but not sure I did some wrong
or it is bug.
I am not using Windows daily, but it is good step for
Windows users to test KDE4 once. Please check
lot of Free Application from KDE Desktop.

Big Thanks to KDE Team for Free Gift to
Windows Users.

All Screenshots are here (KDE4 on Windows)


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