Mozilla Summit 2008 – Honor for Punjabi Team

Mozilla is going organize Mozilla Summit
from 28July 2008 to 1 Aug 2008 (1 Week Event) in Canada, Whistler, British Columbia.

This is first event of its type by Mozilla
This is big event for Mozilla like company, but inviting
to community people, this is Great actually.
(Various Other community like openoffice etc
organize these type, but not sure about
sponsorship for community guys)

I am working for Punjabi Language from Punjabi Team,
so I got invite from Mozilla on First Week on May. I was
excited, but more wondered how this is possible?
Are they really invited me??
Finally I confirmed that it is true? but who is going
to pay for travel, really they pay or they select and we
have pay (which is impossible for me)???
was again big question for me!!
finally I got letter and they are doing each and all things!!
Woh, Great, this is cool!

After 2 year, I am going for community event, where
I have to spent nothing.

Surely I would like to thank Mozilla for invite me from Punjabi
team, but more I appreciate Mozilla for asking feedback and
get input for future plans. Many big Open Source players
has no such practice, but this is one of big thing Mozilla
took lead!!
Mozilla’s way to L10N, I liked very much (although somehow
different and difficult than other projects) as you can get
Build within few minutes after commit your changes.
Release process is such nice (and hard of Translator:-) ) that
a little chance to skip any error. Punjabi Firefox
2.x released hold for very small error and last minute,
Release had been dropped for Punjabi. This is like most and
Hoping to get more chance to get to talk with Mozilla
Developers and experts regarding this.

Surely like to see more improvement L10N process, while
supporting currently (DTD and PROPERTIES) way instead
of PO file based.

While visit Canada, I have plan to visit Toronto
and find some Punjabi Guys, who want to
know about Punjabi Team and want to contribute
in it (either any way). First task is to find those people,
then what to present them and most important
will be “Feedback” from them ( I know very few
people aware about Punjabi Project, but most of
them out of those only know “Firefox” as it
available to Windows, Mac and Linux, So this
Mozilla Summit also help Punjabi community
to spread Punjabi Firefox in Canada!)

So it is Mozilla Summit, which provided community
people to Directly interact with Mozilla Developers.
I would like to thanks again for Mozilla to invite me
and wish more Open Source money making Companys to
follow the same to gather Community+Company in
a year or 2 to share ideas, plans.

Finally This event is far way and I have to Pass “Visa Test”
for Canada to attend this. so my favourite
quote “Who knows tomorrow??” šŸ™‚


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