MacBook, Mac OS 10.5 and OpenSUSE 10.3

I tried to install Linux (opensuse 10.3) on
my newest MacBook. Each Time I put
DVD or CD. It showed Blank Screens with
single cursor. What is this?
even tried with opensuse 11 Alpha2, but
same problem. I couldn’t think that it was
Software Issue as Suse is best yet for me
to Hardware, but I used fedora 8 CD. Oh,
yes, it is also failed. so it was some new issue, which was not yet discussed in
any fourm or Mailing list (I searched 2 days on google, but not able to find).

while Windows Vista boot normal as Mac
support itself. This make me quite dispointted.

Finally I put my USB keyboard and mouse to start MacBook and by chance, rEFlt
boot from DVD and it started installation.

Cool, it worked, I verified 2 times later that during Boot rEFlt failed to boot from CD/DVD ROM if you have not Keyboard attached. Don’t know if it is bug or not,
but now I have installed openSUSE 10.3
on my system as per instruction given
on THIS Page.

only problem I found after installation is
Sound, which is still not working, I tried
various solution.


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