MacBook and my EC325 – Cost 1850Rs at Imagine

After getting MacBook (white), first challange was 19” Dell Montior, whether
it work or now. Purchased Mini-DVI to DVI convertor and it works fine (because it
support 1400×990, while Mac only has
1248×1048). This was biggest issue,
which is actually Nothing.

While, I was sure about Reliance EC325 Modem that It would work fine (a it was
detected easliy under Linux).
but I was really in trouble, when it
was not detected under ‘dmesg’,
showing some error to detect device.

I asked Mac Center regarding that, Engineer Called me after 1 hour and told
“offically” Rs 1850/- need to pay to fix
issue, if you give me your home address, I will fix in Rs 1000/- “privately”.
“What the hell you are taking and what whom?”
I told him to call later and start searching driver for EC325
you can download from here:
Huawei EC325 Driver for Mac OS
(Language is Thai, you may not read, but
Docuement is available for Intel machine, and
you can get Link to download driver from that document).
[Direct Download Mac OS Driver for Huawei EC325 (Zip file)]

Just install and restart your Mac and it will
detect your USB modem. (try to read
Image in PDF with driver.

It saves my 1000Rs(~25USD – Privately, and ~50USD offically), and help to
improve my experience for Mac as well as
for Hardware. But it was bad experience
only with Imagine (Mac Selling Center in


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