how to get credit for Public domain work?

After getting a call from Gurdwara Sahib, I was wonder
how can I make Old Historical Document available to
Public, when people recognize my work, which actually
I did for computerization of those. Surely if
somebody else can copy and make available under
his name (even in public domain), then it will hurt
a lot and I would no longer like to work on those!!!

what is solution? any license?
it seems no, as 60 years old Books, documents automatically
came under Public domain.

What I propose to them it like, we should make
public advt as soon as we public on Internet.
All Punjabi Newspaper, Electrician Media,
we should make those available Details, what we
did, what is effect, who we are, so that
if people find any other copy from somebody else,
they should know “oh, this, this is done by Those
people (us)”.

This is only way I found effective.
All Punjabi communist literature is already in
Public Domain, People know it is and who did this.
So Credit for doing such work was not going to waste at all.


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